Just for him

roses are red
violets are blue
whatever u say to me
i'll keep it true

your love is like the sky
when i look up above
i feel so high

u know how to love me
only when your ready

im making a wish for you
better hope it comes true
and when it does
i'll come home loving you

you give me chills up and down my spine
when the sun comes out to shine
im standing here right with you
only to know that i will be with you

your love is like a common thing
it takes my every breath away
i want to hold you all the time
just like us sitting up on top of a dime

you gave me all that you could give
and in return "oh here's a BIG gift"
it doesnt matter what you say
your always there to hear me say

ive loved you since the first day
ever since you took my breath away
love comes in big surprises
well you were the first to arrive it

my heart beats faster and faster every time we talk
just like walking along the beach until it gets dark
your love is my adrenaline
i love it when it comes within

you are the most wonderful person in the world
so i just want to say thank you
you taught me to open up and look beyond
the sadness and i know in my heart everything
will be OK

I will never stop loving you
because I LOVE YOU

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