isn't it crazy

isn't it crazy when you ask "if it's not right then take it away?"
all of a sudden it's gone.
you have to freeze and ponder how to feel.
Isn't it crazy when you ask for something there it is?
that just allows you to see it go.
a connection is made then poof it's gone
It was my light in the day. i liked its smile and disposition
Now what? I'm not very happy right now.
it's awake. it's thinking about me i'm sure. I think it remembers my smile. and i think it knows i'm sad.
these days are going to be long. I'm going to hear it's voice and it won't be there.
i'm going to hear the door, it won't be opening.
I'll taste the coffee in the morning, it will not have touched it.
I just want to know what to do about it.

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