I dreamed of fire

I dreamed a dream the other night
Of hell fire that blazed, star bright.
It was the conflagration I always feared would be
When truth started playing games with you and me.

Who started the first fire, I cannot guess.
But once it happened, on came the next.
And in trying to kill the one that you made,
I only fan it till it gave

A larger flicker I could not control
Until it seized me by the soul
So I helped it along
And you were too late in ending my fire with a song.

So burn it all down if that's what you want.
But then I understood the words that now haunt
But it was to late, you burned them all up
And there wasn't enough water in the cup.

We burned down that world that filled us with life
But I do not care 'cause it filled me with strife.
It was the world we created to cover our need.
A world of illusion I could no longer feed.

And all that was left was dust and soot
And ruins and destruction
And the true nature of what was inside us all along.
Frustration and anguish and loss of what we couldn't have.

But in my dream, when it was all over,
You held me close as we looked over the ruins.
You held me and I was but a child in your arms.
Somehow, someway, we were left unharmed.

And when I think of the image of the ruins
And the girl in the arms of that man
And how we finally accepted our lot
Because that was the only choice we can.

And nothing mattered at all when I woke
Except that we survived.

I think... no I don't think at all.

Just love me again like you used to.

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