I feel you when my mask is down

It took me eight years to admit to myself
That I love you.
Eight years and the presense of you by my side never leaves.
Nothing else matters but that I touched you.
Your memory surrounds me like scattered leaves
In autumn that fall, and leave their marking
On every inch of ground.
But the leaves are spectral.
The leaves are bits of a scattered soul
And only I can see them.
Nobody could ever know how you engulfed me like a tidal wave
How you enclosed me like a tulip
How you made me turn away from all things right and all things wrong
Just to be with you.
There is a joy in my heart no one can touch.
A feeling I lost but is back
No one knows where I go when my soul flies
But you know.
We know.

Eight years of running away.
Now I'm ready to fly.

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