My Ashley lost

With everyday that you are away. My mind slips farther into an empty realm. A bottemless pit of black. Stagnation, dispair, disintigration. My mind now lives in pandemonium, the center of the living hell, were my only companions are darkness and confusion. My heart has been seperated from my soul. Wrenched out and dissected. Discombobulated! Punished? My soul for its sadness can no longer make known reason, from the dark that it surrounds. Surrounding it. My memories of you are all i have to comfort me. They allow me a smile in my treacherous state. So I hold out, i hope, i wait. Bravely so? Maybe. But' tis my own vanity that scathes me. Stubborn i will not move on. Although i know you have. You were my paradice. Once i was utterly lost in you. But in the labyrinth that is you, i was not confounded, or confused. No, i intuitively new then. Only now what i have come to understand. That which was never said, can never be assumed. Now i can only gather from the darkness that surrounds me. Memories of you. But they now mingle and mix with my hopes and dreams of us. Until i no longer know what was. And i am no longer sure of what is. So the possibilities of us have become mired by my past asumming presumptousness. But can that which has never been, possible? or only that which is. I do not know. I am left with nothing to know. But this. In my void i now understand. A man cannot live with out the women he needs, not take for granted.Even in the bottemless pit of my despair through the impeneterable blackness my heart cries out! And with every beat it stops, to listen for your voice. And then beats on to wait a little longer. A little longer will i abide in this abyss. My heart cries out I LOVE YOU, ALWAYS. And so now i kow. I need'nt, know no more than this.

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