My Appeal

I kept a log of everything you ever said
It's just what I did back in those days
"I won't get rid of you if you won't get rid of me," it said
and I said nothing and you said, "Do we have a deal? Do we have a deal?"
and I said nothing again.
For I knew it was inevatable
as people die
as seasons change
I would have to rid myself of you, eventually
but you would never
to this day.
What have I done to bring on such desperation?
Do I remind you of someone you loved too much to let go?
Until she ended her life to do it and you found her there,
lying in the snow.
And she is rid of you
But you will never be.
Is that it?
Is that it?

Let me go, my love. Let me go!
I cannot do it anymore
I'm not strong like I used to be.
I cannot break you!
Please, do this for me.

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