Where's my Bruce Wayne?

Eight years ago, still hasnt closed.
Eight years ago, you still remain mysterious.
Eight years ago, we met, you met me, I met you.
Eight years later and not many days have passed without you
on my mind.
Eight years later and I still feel you in the air, actually
You were my favorite friend, no one has ever cared to that
You talked to me, and didnt just gawke at me. I know no
matter what anyone says..you care.
There was no closure, wich is why I have had to be the
bravest soldier, where did you go?
Why didn't you tell me? You don't go away in my head, I
pretend that you do, until I can't lie to myself anymore. So
many signs everywhere i go about you, mixed with the
Constant reminders everywhere, what is this girl to do? If only
you had some sort of clue, batman..if you only knew

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