The Simple Truth

Even though i'm alway's gone, it doen't mean i'm not thinking of you all the time. When life is getting
rough. I imagine us sharing our whole lives...
"We could run away"...
leave behind anything paper not knowing where
we'er going to stay. - there's no monday-
You're part of me, it's so easy to see
the simple truth when i'm in your arms
i feel safe from harm and sorrow too. You're part of me it's so easy to see, the simple truth but most of all nothing couldn't be solved when i'm with you
the memory of your smile pierces through the dark when i go to bed alone. When i'm about to fall apart
"I remember your open arms waiting for me to come home".
Let's creat our own world
made of trust,simple and honest.
I'll sing a song you've never ever heard...
"No one else can hear"!

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