A Wish

I sit in my room, next to my phone
Hoping and wishing you would call me
Thinking of the summer nights I held you, now I'm all alone
Back then I was confused about what I wanted; Now you're all I see

I think about the nights that we would talk for hours
Now, all I can do is dream about us talking
I lay in my room, dreaming about you, listening to these April showers
I still try to talk to you; you probably think i'm stalking

You used to write me letters in class
I guess i didn't take them serious
Wanting to hold you, I feel like an ass
Wishing I could take you back, I'm driving myself delirious

For two years, my love has been in secret
Wishing I could take back all the mistakes I made
Everything I did to hurt a chance of being with you, I regret
I'm sorry for everything I did, please, give it another chance

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