That Girl

I can’t get her off my mind.
And god damn is she ever so fine.
When im with her I have all the time in the world.
Because I want her to be my first girl.
And you can say it’s a crush.
Because everytime I see her I blush.
And everytime we hug.
I don’t feel like i'm a thug.
I feel weak but strong.
Wrong but right.
And my insides get tight.
You know, I get them butterflies.
And she’s the reason I write this tonight.
To make her feel good.
And to try to get her to be my girl.
Because for her I would give the world.
And in it every diamond and pearl.
Because she is that girl.
That I would always make happy.
You know, i'll act like a child.
To make her giggle and to be able to see her lovely smile.
Basically I’d do anything.
Even give her a diamond ring.
Because she is That Girl.

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