Forbidden Love

We opened our hearts,
Like a rose in full bloom,
Just as waking petals revealing themselves to the rising sun.
Sharing its fragrance and fully exposed,
Running naked into the arms of our forbidden love.

Moments in time simply eclipse,
as hours like seconds tick on by,
And we know in our hearts that we should not be,
For I am not yours,
And you belong to another...

Wearing a ring by the moon light,
Its glistening silver threathens to cut away the cloak of night beneath which we hide.
But it does not matter,
For our moment of passion erases its existence from our mind.
Fighting for something we as God's children should never possess,
Simply to exist in a world we call our own.

And within our eyes, and within our hearts,
Each stolen embrace utters words that none other must ever hear us say.
Yet in the darkness of shadows, when we are alone,
we whisper the words boldly,
"I love you".

Forbidden love that we embrace,
as we steal those precious moments in time.
What future will ever be?
Hiding in shadows as we steal a kiss,
It matters not that I love you,
Or that you love me.
Yet we make love in this world of forbidden love,
How can I ask for more?
Knowing that soon it will come to an end...
She calls out your name as you leave me.

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