Brown Eyed Girl

There use to be a brown eyed girl who smiled and always laughed

There never existed one who cried and was sad

until somehow fate put her here

a face far to pretty to see all those tears

Tears of hopelessness that fall to much now

Along with a smile i try to keep from fading out

a brown eyed girl holding onto the past

holding on so hard to something no one's sure will last

a chance to take the fall, and already falling to fast

all we can do is watch and offer advice as our grasp

a true friend isnt scared to be honest

the truth hurts so bad, but it'll set you free i promise

I never realized how this brown eyed girl got treated

now i cant look away and i hate having to see it

with eyes that cry out for a loving touch

with a heart half way broken and not hanging on by much

with hands that miss the touch of a hand

and a heart so confused of its own plans

a mind that keeps wandering were am i going wrong

even when the heart tells the mind its hurt far to long

alone in this world just her and her thoughts

she cant even hide without being caught

how much pain for happiness is she willing to trade

it bothers her at night and drags by each day

happiness to be found in one hundred different places

so much being offered and so little being taken

just one whole day id like to be with her

for one whole day of leaving bad memories on the curb

just one whole day seeing a beautiful smile

just one whole day to make it worth the while

just one whole day to leave behind the past

just one day of never being last

just one walk and one talk and one star gaze

A day of just nothingness, a day of all days

but until those days come she'll be in my prayers

number one on my list, no competition anywhere

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