Pain is Love

I have never felt such pain,
tingling and mind numbing pain,
felt from the inside out,
knowing your love is what it's about.

From the first time I looked in your eyes,
to holding your heart close to mine,
the warmth of your touch,
and the kiss of pure lust.

True to my heart your soul resides,
or even that I dream of you at night,
so hard to be apart from one another,
wishing our love would be discovered.

Is it not selfish to want us to be together,
in each others arms living life's treasures,
for life is not complete without love,
it is you that I no longer want to be away from.

Believe it or not you are my true love,
a secret I can no longer keep between us,
being with you brings happiness to my life,
for love like this is makes every thing feel right.

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