Her life

Her Life

Puts on mask
Plays the game
Don’t make a scene
Same routine
Day by day
Year by year
Life goes so quick
Show no emotion
Please don’t feel
Made of stone
Beautiful boys
Her life’s work
So proud
So much to do
Always aware
Would die for them
Oh Canada
Smile brought to her face
His voice
She can feel
Tears fall
Of happiness
Pure emotion
Letting go
Head spinning
Emotional rollercoaster
Guilt ridden
Years go by
Must end
Friendship grows
He always there
Protecting her
So far away
He can read her
So well
Need for touch
Wanting more
So many tears
Lost in her dreams
She smiles again
Holding his hand
Words not spoken
Gentle touch
Soothing voice
But only a dream
Can never be
Stuck in her rut
Cannot change
Days go by
A silent tear shed
Her boys keep her going
Otherwise she would leave.

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