No One Must know

know one must no
our secret love
we must keep it unknown
no one must know
we must,not let our feelings show
to kiss, to tuch
o how i love u so much
no one must know
they say our love is sin
how must it be when my heart steady grins
no one must know
i wish of a day when i can tell all
but know one must no of this nore summer nore fall nore spring nore winter.
i know your crying eyes must make your heart wimper.
know one must know
why o why cant they except thy?
why o why must they drown our love with lies of cheat?
why cant they except us being one?
why must we hide to talk to one another?
why shall we not be defient of those who curse our love?
but the never ending and our beginning collides
no one must no.

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