You are invited to a place call love street. Are you ready? Love street is a place where your heart is sort of reopen like a flower in the beginning of spring, a place where your mind don't crave attention, cause I'm alway near, a place where ur heart is never broken because you all I want, a place where you don't have to say a word, cause i kno what you're thinking, a place place where ur lips never goes dry, a place where we become one, a place where earthly things is not wanted, but what we feel, a place where I never have to say I'm sorry, a place where tears never rolls down your cheeks, a place where I'm not embrass to say that I love you. A place where trust is a must, A place where I can tell you every day that your beautiful, A place that i can express my self beyound words, A place where we can crave the touch of each other, A place where we can make beautiful love all through the night, staring into your eyes and feeling loved. A place where your heart is renew, forget all them dudes that did u wrong , you crying is that thing of the past. A place where we can walk hand in hand, a place where we belong together. The question is will you join me?


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