I have this puzzle in front of me
Spread out on the table;
But there is this extra piece that isn't supposed to be here.
How did I let it get into the box? The box was sealed
With a kiss and a promise,
And yet, this little puzzle piece is so perfect,
Much too perfect for me to cast aside.
I can't wreck the whole puzzle
That I have worked so hard to put together for all these years,
Because everything has a perfect fit. The puzzle makes a beautiful picture,
One that I cannot cast a shadow upon,
It has the appearance of complete bliss.
But I cannot frame the puzzle, because that would mean that the one extra piece
Would sit in the box by itselfÂ…
And I cannot let that happen.
So I put all the puzzle pieces back into the box neatly, and I put you, my little irregular piece of perfection, right back into the box,
So I can keep you safe and sound and not have to prove to anyone
That you don't belong in the puzzle that is my life.

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