I say "No more", but it never sticks. I see you and there it goesÂ…
It is like this great dark abyss that I just have to dive into, even though I know at some point
The bottom is coming.
Is there a bottom, or does it go on and on,
and when I reach the bottom, will it kill me.
And so it goesÂ….on and on.
You are the darkness for me, like some crazy secret refuge.
You are the risk I take, a risk that seems dull in comparison to the pain I would feel
If I lost you.
I know I risk my whole world crashing down, but I just
Can't seem to let you go.
I never said I wanted to.
So I will let the darkness swallow me
Just because it feels so good, and you feel so good,
And the risk of the agonizing pain of the end of this journey,
If there is an end,
Seems miniscule compared to the thought of letting go now.
But maybe there isn't an end.
Hold on to me, and I will hold on to you, and let's hold on to
the protection of the darkness together while we can,
because I can't bear the thought of losing you and
trying to find my way out of this

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