passed up

So you were gone for a week
perfect timing!
Moms gone that week
and so are you.
But I occupied myself other ways
I got close...twice.
To do what we did but i didnt.
Insted of doing it I thought of you.
How youd feel if I told you what I did this weekend, I thought of the look on your face. I left, I passed them up, I didnt stay,with either of them, I wanted them to be you, I wanted you to do what they did. But you wont at least not yet, Im hoping, Im wishing and I waiting for August
Waiting for you to tell me what it is I am afraid your afraid to tell me. I passed them up for you I dont regret it but I just wish you'd know. I passed them up for you!!! But did you pass anyone up for me?

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