Dream of A Kiss

Dream of A Kiss

Come to me and see me throu these eyes
Come hold as though the tears of joy
Come and kiss away all that cries
Come to this lonely desirable boy

Kiss away these lonely tears
Hold my heart just as tight
Drive away the nightly fears
Chase away the dark into the light

I walk at night like the shadow on the wall
Searching for what I am longing for
in the night I can hear you call
just a sound I seak but more

I reach throu this darkness but fail
hopes and dreams become a ghost
to touch, to hold, to kiss has lost its sail
that of I miss the most

I see you inside my head at night
Dancing, laughing, with such a glow
of beauty rose and the brightest lights
that in my heart the love does flow

When I go to such a dream of you
and my heart beats of love
And your smile takes away the blue
Thats such beauty could only be sent from above.

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