If only

If only my heart was allowed to sing the notes that you
bestill in me.
If only we could openly share the song that precious
time together allowed us to create.
If only my mind felt confident in change, and taking risks
involving love.
If only my eyes could see beyond today, so my heart
could be joyous or grieve of what it sees tomorrow.
If only my soul could feel happiness again in knowing a
love so strong; A love though forbidden, so it seems.
Our minds talk to each other without words.
Our eyes confirm ourselves as soulmates.
Yet, If only we could act on this love; our love.
If only we could allow ourselves to openly enjoy our
emotions for each other.
If only we could be together. Then maybe, just maybe,
my heart could mend, and my aching body heal.
You know I love you. Always and Forever.
If only

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