By candle light

I stare into the candle’s flickering light.
I write lit from above with ghostly starlight.
If the moon is my own companion this night,
Why then do I still see your face?
An image my heart’s fingers could trace.
I know not how far away you may be.
Or if crossing your mind you may see,
Images of what was, what is, and that yet to be.
Do you invite my into your mind,
Or has distance made my image to tedious to find?
Do you not see the little boy with tears in his eyes?
Alone but for God to hear his small cries?
Not knowing what to do he still tries.
Blind to a path only his heart knows as true,
He’s led by his undying feelings for you.
The boy knows no poetry, no silent art,
Only the feelings you have put in his heart.
With only a picture of your face as a start,
He writes about the angel he knows to be true,
The angel he sees only in you.
Be this Earth by the Maker completely unmade,
Know that my love for you never shall fade.
I would see a second with you for a lifetime fair trade.
I will never to my heart venture to be untrue,
And I will never love another as much as you.
Worlds I would change to make me your dream.
Of love’s raging oceans fed by trickling stream.
In giving received, myself you redeem.
With or without your arms open with care,
I will see you receive that gift given fair.
Maybe I can’t be your hero, your noble knight,
Or a dream made flesh on some star filled night.
But any man can have courage when they see the light
That shines through your eyes and echoes your soul;
That adds to my life and makes my heart whole.
Listen my love and I will tell you one thing.
My love for you flows like an undying spring.
You are my heart, my life, and my everything.
And even if you never return my love,
You will always be my angel sent from above.

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