Forbidden Love

I sit here alone tonight searching for what I could do or say
So I wouldn't have to feel so lost each time you went away
I know you love me more then life it's self I see it in your eyes
But each time you go back to her a part inside me dies

I knew the way things would be right from the start
But its only now I realize how you have touched my heart
The times we spent together are the times I feel alive and free
And I only wish my darling you could stay right here with me

Some people would look at us and wonder why we fell in love
They just don't understand it was written in the stars above
I know you have another life that I could never share
And someone else is holding you when you are not here

I can only dream and pray that one day you will be mine alone
And this place where we meet to love will someday be your home
But for now I know I must settle for the stolen times we share
And try to prove my love to you and how much I truly care

I will go on loving you my forbidden love until the end of time
And only pray the day will soon come when you are only mine
When I can prove to you in my arms you were meant to be
We wont have to hide our love we can let the whole world see

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