Teen Love

People say it can't be true.
it's just too early in life, for it to be just me and you.
it's a shame they can't see, that your love flows
in my heart through and through.
I am ready for this life,
and whatever it throws our way,
cause my love for you will always be here to stay.
I can say I know now,
that you were sent from above,
and put on this earth to be my one true love.
All these people still can't see
that all I need in life, is to have you be with me.
They might think that this love can't be real,
but it's something I continue to have
and continue to feel.
You make me see the world
from a whole new point of view.
you've made it so perfect, and
that's why I will always continue
to love you.

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