Writing Poetry

Somehow I have found a new love.
It's a secret that I'm sure you can share.
With every word in my poem
A little of me is in there.

To see it in print
is really a thrill.
To have someone vote and say they love it
is an ectasy that only we can feel.

We are the readers and writers of course.
For who in this great big world would care.
To hear or read anything we have to share?

Well, The Poetry Reader is my best friend.
Even if they don't agree with me now and then.

For who can really find a true yes man.

After all poetry comes from the heart
And when my heart is breaking
And falling apart
II want someone to share a small piece of my pain.
And make me feel somehow I matter a lot
And all of my pain will all melt away.

And I'll live to write another poem, Someday

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