Nature Revealed

Ripples of silvery moonlight,
your beauty shimmers,
through glittering stars,
through aqua marine,
a bluish-green so lush,
night full of golden promise,
translucent whites,
the brightest copper gleam,
of pearly iridescence,
within a fragile oyster shell,
through a transparent window,
a rainbow of brilliant dreams,
a myriad of prismic colors,
in their most radiant form,
entranced in time suspended,
waves of emotion,
like the highest tide,
breaking on the shoreline,
the wind speaks to me,
I hear your name,
I hold my breath,
I open my eyes,
in new vista's vision,
and my horizon's span,
within my soul,
within my heart,
I feel peace,
and glorious harmony,
periscopes of love,
within my view,
I see your beauty,
I revere you,
your soul apparent,
through your heart,
through your smile,
and through your eyes.

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