The Essence of You

I know that you’re the beauty, so I must be the beast
You’re the flower that I pine for
The reason my heart can not cease

I know that you’re the sunshine, so I must be the rain
You’re the rainbow after rainfall
The blood running in my veins

I know that you’re like gravity, that’s why I’m pulled in
You’re the black hole with the brightest light
The courage that lives within

I know that you are everything, and much more to me
You’re the air, the water, the very essence
The person who makes me, me

I know that you were heaven sent, so unfurl your wings
You’re the angel on my shoulder
The reason my soul sings

I know that you are forever, so I must be right now
You’re time captured in a bottle
The second hand wont be counting down

I know the you are the moon, so I must be the ocean
You’re the reason for my tide
Why I can not stop feeling this emotion

I know that you’re the key, so I must be the pad
You’re the locksmith I’ve been waiting for
The greatest love I ever had

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