a day at the snack stand

It was Africa hot outside and
I hate to sweat and that was why I was helping his family out in the snack stand.
I could hear the shriek of the whistle while the grease of the French fries scalded my hands. I watched his brother run for a pass and I popped a piece of gum into my mouth. The smell of funnel cake brought my attention back to the food.
I could taste the stench of sweaty football pads as his other brother came into the snack stand.
The quick breeze through the window made me imagine that I was in Hawaii with Anthony Michael Hall.
Sweating really isn't that bad anymore when I thought about it again.
I wonder when my next paycheck will be in.
It was halftime and I was still sweating it up in this jawn when I saw
Him outside of the snack stand when he told me his team was playing clumsily graceful and was winning.
"The tailback and linemen need to start playing like they want to win." He told me
The dim hope of love grew as
He grabbed my hand over the counter which made me as happy as if I were in an air conditioned room.
When I turned away to get a soda for someone, he called my name and smiled at me and I felt as if I could fly.
My cell phone beeped with a text message saying, "Where you at Huffsicle?" but I ignored it as I thought that
Someday he'll go to one of my softball games with my family.
Love filled my empty heart as I thought
I would completely love him when he's gone.
¡Viva la vida de amor!
The fry cooker seemed to scream to get my attention back to doing my work so
I began to cook for the hungry fans once again.

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