Mr. Right

Love is blind
When you can feel it, but you don’t know it
I can see love in the air by the smell of chocolate, a taste so sweet,
and listening to the giggles of the love birds off in the distance
You can almost taste their happiness
As I walk in the streets of Rome I see the people looking for Mr. Right
Love is not always so sweet
But for most people, it is
Without love you ain’t goin’ no where
We should hate for love
Why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance? If you lose
The moment you may lose a lot, so why not? Why not?
Said the lovely man of summer like a warm cozy day
The little boy advised the man
The love birds dream of flying away in the summer night never to be reached again
Jul is ready for love
One day she will find him, and he’ll be hers forever
The comfortable birds chirped a love song
As the days go on they will live together forever in a far off galaxy
Le amaré siempre y por siempre.
The summer night talked to me in a familiar voice
The taste of love is oh so sweet

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