Water lilly of love

Water lilly of love

here I stand in perfect fragility
lonely, waiting, wanting to be noticed
my reflection in the water is my only friend
can you hear my cry for attention?
can you feel my longing for understanding?
who will protect me from the wind?
and the harsh reality of coldness as it over takes me?
who will wipe the heavy drops of water from my petals?
and feed my longing for adoration?
can you hear my shrieking desire for you touch?
my bellowing call for your grasp?
i refuse to be blown away by the bitter wind
but I know my time on this desolate pad is waning
my dry wrinkled petals aren't what they once were
they begin to fall as I wilt
for someone to come save me from the withering
to gently touch me with their loving hand
Kneel down, stretch your limbs of love and save me from this isolation!
carry me to the immortal book of love
that will open and firmly press itself against my petals
the warmth of it's pages envelopes me
it flattens my once supple stem and my colors start to bleed against its

tight grip
i'm surrounded by it's depth of affection
it's pages hold me like a vice
squeezing me until it's warmth becomes one with my stem
i lie in ectasy knowing no wind can harm me and loneliness will be

tears of joy are felt as i'm pressed against my beloved
like a bakers hand it's pages knead me into oblivion
as my soul escapes into you
this clinging of love is too much bare
as I blissfully die while pressed against your affection

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