living for love

Love is kamikaze
But I look for it everywhere I go
I look out onto the ocean as I feel the cool air against my face and hear music playing while eating chocolate and smelling roses
The mood is so calming when I see the sight I feel
Living the good life in Ocean City, Maryland with my amazing boyfriend Steven
The love he offers gives me butterflies
Although sometimes I’d like to kill him
But he will always be my boo
He’s so clumsily graceful with the way he moves
Every rose has its thorn
The sweet flower of love blooms when he’s around
He would jump through fire for me
But in time this rose will wither
The day that Ashley fears the most
Someday life will be perfect
Everyday will be an uneventful adventure
I will definitely miss the drama once it’s gone
J'habite pour l'amour
The shining sun tells me that everything will be okay
The love that surrounds me fills me with a happiness that could never be replaced

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