If We Could Start Again

If we could open a new world
And let the old one close
If you could be someone else
But you under new clothes.

And we could let it all go
And pretend we're falling in love again
And I won't have to know
That it is you because it won't be will it?

You can ask me what you want
The way you used to
And I won't bottle anything up
Cause I won't know you.

And you can open even more parts of me
That you haven't yet.
And all the stuff we had before,
We can finally forget.

This is the only thing I can think to do
If only I can re-create
Another you.

If only I can pretend that you were someone else
And save myself from danger
Only you can guess.

Find me in the other place
And you be someone else.

I need you somehow somewhere.
Release me from myself.

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