Never wanting anything in this
world more than I want you,
There’s nothing for you that I
wouldn’t do, we aren’t made to be one or divided but a loving
I cherish you and that’s what I’ll eternally do
When people think of me they think of you,
We were once called ‘the unbreakable two.’
Much as we’ve been through, there’s nothing we can’t do,
as a two, now a one,
We’ll reunite and a new love has just begun. No more sad tears,
Only of joy. Our love shall never be destroyed. I’ve done
wrong and so have you, our love vows we’ll renew, and God
will bring us through. Through the good, bad, heartbreaks
and depression, true love is what I’m here for and no second
question, old feelings, hurt, pain, love is now through, let’s
mend this together and form something new, new love, good
and joy and a little bad, love wouldn’t be love if this poem
didn’t make you sad.

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