Hook, Line, Sinker or bobber?

Oh! those city lights: always looking for a switch.Ah ! there you are city lights. All that darkness done. Time to settle for a which ever or however: or perhaps stumble in some ditch. Who's the lucky one ? In those lonely hours spent, at the bottom of some wine. A sobriety so bent, above the smoking and the exit signs. Capricious is the one-eyed kiss. Compromise is the one-two miss. When the lights come on and the music dies, I thumb sweetly for a ride. Will she surrender to my lies? or half-brown truths of permiglide? In the darkness there the eyes are restless, searching for a heart so wreckless. Before she knows, it's four on the floor and through the door. It's dancer, prancer, donor and blitzen and trotsky in three quarter time. She caught my line but will she swallow, hook, line, sinker or bobber? A little nibble is all it took, which jerked my rod up to the roof. She snapped my quest on ten pound test and all I reeled was laughter Was that the promise she was after? the undying kisses and the humour? Hoax or coax, it was hard to decifer and sends the night into a whole new chapter. And who will get that Booby Prize, hook, line, sinker or bobber?

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