Secret Lover

It was just how they said it would be
In the movies, the books, the magazines
What started as a glance
A friendly smile
An innocent game
But for a while

We started to search for opportunity
To spend time together in secrecy
The line had been crossed
Without intent
The innocence lost
Our patience spent

The sparks we created burned as fire
Growing feelings, deeper desire
Carefully planning
Meeting places
Avoiding familiar
Venues and faces

Sitting and holding, kissing, touching
Knowing not what tomorrow may bring
Falling in love
Saying the words
That for oh so long
Neither had heard

Significant others not caring or knowing
That something between us is rapidly growing
The imminant danger
Of being found out
The risk of a conflict
We can't love without

The realisation we finally see
That I love you, and you love me
Wanting each other
Sharing our dreams
Intimate lovers to be
So it seems

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