The day I met you is the day I'll never 4get,The things I'll do for you & to you I know you'll never regret,Maybe your the reasons some nights i just can't sleep,I can't explain how I feel all i can say is the way i feel is just to deep,I need to stop being inmature & do what im suppose to do like for one i need to pratice to stop cursing,I just want to live my only life & be a better person,I know im so anxious to really be in love when i know i really need to wait,I feel i can make any women fall in love with me even on a blind date,i think about you from morning to night,If love is blind how is there love at first sight,I would want to make love to you the way you never thought anybody could or ever would,I would want to make you cry so much just for the simple fact that you never thought anybody can make you feel that damn good,Life is like a game, a game you will never figure out & Love is like the bible something you should never ever doubt,Trying to get your heart is also like a game,a game i cant just seem to beat,but if telling you I love you is the password then sooner or later Im going to have to cheat,Everything that's happening in my life happens for a reason,The day i stop loving you is the day i stop breathing,The way i feel for you i dont even know where to begin,All i know is regardless if were together or not ill always be your friend to THE END.

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