Scared no more

I can still feel a strong embrace
as thought I'm embodied in your case
immediately after you've left
my heart becomes a victim of theft

Sluggishly I crawl into bed
while thoughts of you swirl through my head
but even though covered I remain cold
from this emptiness which is getting old

In my slumber I dream of a place
where my heart beats at a quickened pace
from the site of you standing afar
I run, but only to be stuck in imaginary tar

I wish I could stand by your side
instead of being scared that our feelings will collide
because of this I'm vulnerable in a state of confussion
my eyes are playing me with an optical illusion

But as I see your sweet smile
my doubts float away by the mile
I understand now theres no reason to be afraid
you make me feel like I'm the star of your parade

Now I'm stripping down to the bone
you need to know I dont want to be alone
and that's why open and honest I'll be
so the best can be made of you and me

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