Nature of Beauty

Open my eyes and drink the light,
In that face love I see;
Fingers to my heart
Resting close to me.

Still in life,
Unmoving she
Time will stop,
Silence changing me.

Spread your wings,
Heart and sky
Both open and soaring;
Birds that fly.

Like diamonds in you eyes
Shattering the light,
Lost I am inside
Swimming in the starless night.

A touch of God on human feet,
Beauty forever made.
Starlight on lips of pink,
Sunsets that never fade.

Touch my mind and stir the soul,
A prophesy to be.
A definition of heart and mind,
Priceless gifts given free.

Sunsets’ beauty echoed high,
Worlds fading to compare.
Light’s dancing strands,
Alight on rays of golden hair.

Hearts are tried and worlds shook
In lands’ cruel strife
No harm will come to a heart of gold,
Protected with my life.

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