If I Asked You...

If I asked you to dance
And you told me to go
The things I was thinking
Are things you'd never know

But if I asked you to dance
And you reply "maybe"
Well that would really make me
Want to call you my baby

And if I asked you to dance
I could make you a deal
If you give me your hand
How good I will make you feel

But once you say yes, what shall I do?
Is it just a night between me and you?
The answer is something that I know, and you'll see
But you can only find out if you come with me…

It's a place that many have dared to go,
But it's a place only you and I will know
It's my dance floor in the dark
Where you can feel my naughty spark
Now close your eyes, and feel my touch
And I'll continue to deliver that feeling you love so much

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