When I looked into your eyes
There was something that struck my heart
I knew you could be the one
I knew it right from the start.
Your beauty was so unexplainable
I knew right there and then
That there would be a chance
Of you being my girlfriend.
I know your scared of getting hurt
But I can feel it when we kiss
That you wanna give us a chance
Because this is a love you don't want to miss.
I know you need me now
I'll be there when you fall
and it's better to have loved and lost,
Then to have never loved at all.
When your lips kiss mine
So many sensations
Flow threw my mind
I feel so much comfort and love
and I can't help but think of
You all day long.
So just give me a chance
and take my hand
I'll show you I'll be there
I like to do the things
That let you know I care
I sing this lullaby for you
Because girl you fill me full
When I look into your eyes I can't help but think
Damn you're so beautiful
I wanna give you the world
and I won't stop trying
until you say you're MY GIRL

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