Just you alone

My love for you so hard to explain
But I think about it everyday
I tried to prove to you and to myself
That I didn’t want or need anybody else
You question it with so much doubt
It hurts my heart because I can’t figure it out
I thought that actions speak louder than words
But you seem to unaccept that I chose you first
I never wanted you to have to think twice
I just pray one day you’ll make me your wife
I will never expect more than you could give
And even when I am so mad, I love you still
I know sometimes I could be complicated
But when you say you’ll never leave, do u mean it?
What we shared will never be based on time
What my heart let me give to you wasn’t a lie
When I cant fit the words for you to understand
It frustrates me but I’ll never regret what happen
I’ve been trying to put the words together just right
I’ve been trying to find your heart so it could find mine
Every now and then you say I owe you an explanation
You look at it one way, and on your part few is mentioned
Thoughts of you run through my head late at night
I know in my heart I wouldn’t give you up without a fight
I’ve tried to open up to you the best way I know how
I could be distant sometimes and I know that brings doubt
None of this happened for just any reason
No matter what I still think we’re destined
I’m not asking you to be perfect, I just want you to love me
It seems you always have a question but there’s so much you don’t see
I finally figured out what to say to you
Sometimes it comes out so wrong and I don’t know what to do
I want to tell you how much you truly mean
But I can’t let you think I’m weak and you could see right through me
I know we both have been through pain before
I just wanna make sure we don’t have feel it anymore
I know that what we have is so right
You were made for me and I’m suppose to be in your life
The way you make me feel I thought could never exist
So when I cant see you there’s so much I miss

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