if i could never talk to you

I often wonder what I'd do,
If i could never say,
If i couln't not depend on you
To guide me everyday.

Oh how dark the night would be,
If your light didnot shine,
I could not sleep because such fear would fill this heart of mine.

My heart would never sing a song
I'd feel so all alone,
If i could never talk to you
And claim you for my own

But all the things i need not fear
My burdens you do share
I only have to whisper low
You hear my every prayer.

Thus you always walk beside me
You never let me fall,
you gently take me by the hand
And take my love, all.

And though the night around be dark
Your light will ever shine,
I sleep in peace and need not fear
Since i know that you are mine.

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