I'm likely to love you

Love I always asked for
hell is what I got
many men and women
came in and out of my life.

Pain is what I was left with
and ridiculous memories to think of
I never had such a problem
so serious and hard to deal with.

Until the day you came in my life
I remember the first time we spoke
we were both flirts and laugh together
we decided to combine our hearts
and see what would come out of it.

We spoke, we spoke and we spoke
smiles and joyful laughs we shared together
it felt as if it were love for all of eternity
and I knew that you were the one
because I felt so loved and cared for
that you were the special someone
that i wanted to share my lasting life with forever.

Unexpected feelings faster heartbeats
shyness arises butterflies in my stomach
unconditional love that my heart wishes to show
but holds back of being afraid to be hurt.

Someday or somehow we will love
and likely I feel I'm already there
you have won my heart and made me believe
that not everyone in this world intends
to show or give anyone pain.
And that's why I know and I feel
that I'm likely to love you
because you are my one and my only
guardian angel.

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