Feelings of Growing Love

I'm looking in your eyes
But you're so far away
I know you so well
And we first spoke today
It's taken so long
To get you to care
I've waited forever
For you to come down from there
Praying to God
For an angel to come
Looking in your eyes
I know where you're from
I'm not sure what it is
Something in your smile
Makes me hope it's more
Than friendship for awhile
Is there something there
What is it you see
What goes through your mind
When you think of me
I love the way it feels
Running through my head
I'm looking at the stars
Laying in your bed
What could this be
That's driving me crazy
It's making me happy
Without even thinking
A flower's still a flower
Even when it's just a seed
If the same is true for love
Is that what this could be

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