I had a wonderful dream last night,
I wish it would only come true,
you were there it was magical,
I wish it would only come true,
you kissed my lips so tenderly,
just like I have always wished,
it was everything I could have hoped for,
you were perfect,
we were perfect,
it was perfect,
but perfect never lasts,
then I woke up and cried tears of loss,
I wished I prayed to let it stay,
but the dream had faded away,
I sat there in my room,
thinking about you,
nothing ever stays the same,
why do things have to change,
I need you here with me,
I need your strength,
with you here I'll be strong,
and I'll always stay that way,
you are my everything,
I've loved you since we met,
I knew we had to be together,
it hasn't happened yet,
I dreamed a wonderful dream,
but dreams don't come true.

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