Dream of Dreams

It was another Fallbrook day
Seeming like the last one
But yet it was so different
No more was I to shun

Oddly enough beating was done
It was about day 10
I had original reason
It sure was not for Ken

I have a friend named Ashley M.
She had some real big news
Tapping me on my shoulder bone
Excited I can't lose

"Sarah has such a crush on you"
"Sarah who" I replied
"Sarah Kiddoo you silly goose"
Heart so joyous I sighed

Can this be true, such a lady
A simple boy she likes
It had been years since this happened
Thorny heart lost its spikes

So nervous as an orator
I choke up when she nears
Her beauty has bedazled me
If only it lasts years

Finally it was friday night
T'was the first chance to talk
I wanted to get to know her
So we began to walk

I learned she was an ice-skater
Had a weiner dog too
All of my friends had gathered round
To hear my tale of poo

I am glad she was cool enough
To laugh and smile so
Most girls are too prissy for such
I knew this crush would grow

Trying to sleep that dawn was tough
I thought of her all night
I tossed and turned with a huge grin
Rapidly approached light

Again at school I was not me
I had to simma' down
I believe she was the same too
So we both had a frown

Going to Knott's sounded so lame
I had gone a year past
I decided to go for her
And let the night so last

The blarring bass and rap music
With people I know not
I was kind of sick and tired
Jelly Bellys I sought

Getting there I was very cold
Gentle hands kept me warm
She cluthced to me for protection
Amongst the scary swarm

We stood in great lines hours long
We held each other tight
My body ached and was in pain
Wished it lasted all night

Haunted houses not scarring me
She hung on to my arm
I was startled a couple times
She screamed like an alarm

Gazing into her eyes so bright
I could not but smile
I should have saved some energy
Not running 5 mile

The night was coming to a close
She laid down in my lap
Could not sleep a wink in the car
To hell with bumping rap

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