There before me stood an angel.
She was so beautiful, I couldnÂ’t find the words to tell.
No wings to weigh heavy on her back.
No halo to hover over her brow.
Yet so divine is she,
I could not describe her.
Not then,
And Not now.
Her hair was soft
And was perfumed with the sweetest scent.
Gazing into her eyes of amber,
Was time very well spent.
When she spoke,
I felt I could listen for days.
I yearned to hold her
And keep her always.
When she was gone,
I wondered where she would go.
Fore when she was not near me,
I had missed her so.
She was more then I could wish for,
In my most marvelous dreams.
She is of fairy tales, happy endings, and fantasy it seems.
So till I lay eyes on her again,
I will be under her spell.
I will be sad until I meet her,
All will be well

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