Lovely eyes
staring back at me through tinted glass
I wait
for days on end just to taste your kiss
just to touch your face once more - and then again
your skin
pressed so tenderly
so soft against me
I melt
like wax on the midsummer sun
let this night never end
just the two
twined together beneath an ocean of sheets
let us swim
in this passion
burning love
this unquenchable thirst I have for you
let me drink your kisses
let me swim in your seas
dive in your oceans
let us be one, tonight
and then tomorrow
when that morning sun
breaks through my window
and I see that you are not
(as has been known to happen once or twice)
a dream that I dreamt
no, but a fantasy come true
my hand brushes the hair from these enchanting eyes
to realize a goddess lie here beside me
born in the heavens and handed over by angels
I will breathe my final breath and know
that I have lived
now in love may die.

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