Did love even exist until now?
Just seeing your face has showed me how
To give complete devotion and trust.
I used to think that love would last for a while and then fade away like dust.
You've shown me that love is like walking through the eternal light
And everlasting like the stars in the night.
With your holy power,
I will give you all my love and praise.
Because your love is so strong but delicate like a flower,
I can accomplish this in many ways.
I can be the sun and shine down on you.
I can be a genie and make all of your dreams come true.
Let me show you a force so profound that it goes beyond the galaxy.
Rather be immersed in the fantasy
Than to deal with the fallacy
Of this devastating reality.
I can give you passion that could make your heart dance.
The offer is risky but I know that you want to take the chance.
Bring yourself to me and we will create a love; imperial and pure.
The offering of my love is permanent; there is no cure.

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