Blades of Advice

In love? You say, laugh
A short sigh like an exhale
At the end of a sentence
The rush of wind
Past a pine tree
As the light glistening
Just past a hill, on the other side
You tip your head back
Smile at the sky
You roll your eyes
Give me advice from the ages
But I don’t listen
I’m caught like a bird in a storm
That can't find its bearings
And as the sun is warm
On my face and skin
But blinding me as well
I allow myself to think
Of stories he will beguile
With a voice that melts
Around me and cascades
Away like the night
So that all the blades
Forever existing in memory
Stir once to be
And make me nearly crazy
To miss him so much
That it causes me pain
Under this lazy sun
Inches, feet, miles of advice
Meant only for my ear
Make me look twice
At the lecturing face before my own
With eyes not half
Or a quarter as dark and mysterious
As his in a tensioned night
So I drift away again
On a raft apart from the island
You think its lust love
Doomed to leave as it came
But he’s built into every grain
Of life that walks around
Every sun that rises
Every object that I’ll ever see
In all the fibers of my soul
The way he let me free
Something your mind cant comprehend
So I smile and apologize
For the truth you bend.

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